Frequently Asked Questions – General

What should I do during a massage?
Make yourself comfortable. If the therapist wants you to adjust your position they will either move you or will tell you what is needed. Many people close their eyes and relax completely; others prefer to talk. It’s your massage, do whatever feels natural to you.

What should I expect afterwards?
Massage can be profoundly relaxing. Give yourself a moment to reorient before slowly getting up. After an initial period of feeling slowed down, people often experience an increase in energy that can last for several days. Other results may include pain relief, increased mobility or reduced stress. If you received deep work, you may have some tenderness after your massage.

Isn’t massage a luxury? Can I afford it?
Massage is more than a luxury. It promotes health by relieving stress, reducing muscle tension, increasing circulation, and enhancing your overall energy. If you are concerned about affordability, talk to us about other options.

How frequently should I get a massage?
The more frequently you receive a massage, the more benefits you will notice. We can help you decide the best frequency for your appointments to meet your specific needs. If you feel you are under so much pressure you can’t afford to relax, this may be the time you most need to take time out to strengthen your reserves.

How do I find out more?
You may still have questions, and you are right to be careful. Feel free to call our team members and we will be happy to discuss your questions before you book an appointment. But in the end, the best answers will come from experiencing a massage first hand.