Welcome to the online home of Centurion Massage.

We are a team of  Practitioners with interests in a wide range of massage modalities. This ranges from “regular” Swedish and Sports massage, to Thai massage, Balinese scalp massage, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy massage, and more.

Get rid of back pain.

Regular massage helps the mind, body, and spirit adjust to the daily ups and downs of everyday life. It helps athletes prepare for the rigours of training, or helps the office worker release the tension felt from computer work. Massage is not just a luxury; most of all, it’s a way to a healthier happier life. Don’t let stress pile up. Relaxation is just a phone call away.

We strive to help you choose the most appropriate treatment,  that will best be suited to your needs, or injury recovery.

Please meet our practitioners on the Team page, or have a look at the FAQ section, for answers you might have.

On our Services & Rates page, you will be able to read more about the various modalities that we have available, with links to online booking options.

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